Akihiro Ogawa

Global Democracy and Environmental Justice against Nuclear Power Plants
I am engaged in transnational, multi-sited ethnographic fieldwork at anti-nuclear energy sites. Following the Fukushima disaster, the Japanese domestic market for nuclear power technology shrank significantly; Japanese nuclear technology companies have had no new contracts or proposals for the construction of nuclear reactors in Japan. They have now begun to identify and cultivate new markets overseas. Meanwhile, I have observed that there are strong voices of protest and dissent against such nuclear export business and politics. Japanese environmental NGOs, together with various other international nuclear protest groups, have developed a number of transnational networks to further their own aims. I am conducting extensive research on these transnational collective actions by developing multi-sited ethnographic fieldwork in the countries to which Japan is trying to export nuclear power plants, including Turkey, India, Vietnam, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and others. This research chronicles the increasing number of civil society interactions that transcend national borders, and will facilitate the continued strengthening of the common democratic values and environmental justice shared by the global community.

Recent relevant publications:

“Japan’s Awakening Protest Movement”, Asian Currents, Asian Studies Association of Australia.

“The right to evacuation: the self-determined future of post-Fukushima Japan”, Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, 2014.

“Young Precariat at the Forefront: Anti-Nuclear Rallies in Post-Fukushima Japan”, Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, 2013.

“Demanding a Safer Tomorrow: Japan’s Anti-Nuclear Rallies in the Summer of 2012”, Anthropology Today, 2013.

Relevant Public Presentation:

“Responses to Aftermath”, Ian Potter Museum of Art, The University of Melbourne.

Link to academic profile elsewhere on university site:


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