Andy Fuller: Jakarta Sportscape

This seminar explores the role of stadia, urban politics and football fandom shape the sportscape of Jakarta and focuses on the events, meanings and narratives regarding the demolition of two of Jakarta’s football stadia: Stadion Menteng (2006) and Stadion Lebak Bulus (2016) home to the football club, Persija.

The trajectory of Persija Football Club’s stadia – Stadion Ikada, Stadion Menteng and Lebak Bulus – involves discourses on Jakarta’s urbanisation and development, cultural heritage, memory and, the mismanagement and dysfunctionality of Indonesia’s governing football body, PSSI. The itinerant nature of Persija’s home ground over the last several decades is evidence of the city’s hostility towards the club and to football fans, and to the requirements of Jakartans to have easy access to green space (ruang terbuka hijau). Sutiyoso’s highly interventionist programs in Jakarta’s urbanisation (1997-2007) resulted in the problematic Busway and a haphazard approach to creating green space, while also having a dramatic negative impact on the city’s environmental condition through the unplanned construction of malls and shopping complexes.

Andy Fuller is an Honorary Fellow at the Asia Institute, The University of Melbourne. He has published articles on football in Indonesia in Soccer and Society, Sport in Society and Inside Indonesia. His chapter, “Listening to the Stories of Shane Edwards and Adam Goodes” will be published in Price and Kilvington’s (ed) Sport and Discrimination (Routledge 2016). He is the Essays and Fiction editor of Inside Indonesia, and is the translator of two volumes of poetry: Anxiety Myths (Lontar, 2013) by Afrizal Malna and Conversations (Lontar, 2016) by Budi Darma. He edits the sports studies blog,


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